A mood, an experience, a gesture, a memory that a ‘space’ allows every individual to engage in it and generate such varied personal relation with it has always amused him. It has developed his understanding of the 4-dimension as a significant abstract parameter giving meaning to your creation.

 Such sensitiveness towards understanding design has only been sharpened by a very rich professional experience of three and a half years with Ar. Charles Correa. Dhaval has worked on varied scales of projects, right from modifications of Correa’s vacation home in Goa; to the Champalimaud Centre in Lisbon to the Mecca mosque re-design international competition.He has witnessed the high levels of energy, passion and morals you need to have, to be able to create master-piece projects.

 With the same hope and belief, he set-up an independent practice - Studio SOUL. Dhaval has also been a design guide for two years at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.


We at Studio SOUL attempt to understand, how one can enjoy the building as a whole - not just through its functions, or its spatial treatment but through its ‘urban language’ – which the site, along with the built form uses to communicate the culture, art, context and climatic responses it beholds. The building should pulsate with the same ‘Synergy’ the people, the city are vibrating with - to enable it to be a part of people’s culture and root itself in place.

 The diverse religions, social populace, geographical setting has led to many customs & rituals and their co-existence forms a rich urban language. This in turn has enriched the sensibilities of the people, and resulted in a tradition which expounds in visual representations of various cultures. To consciously involve these cultures and present them in a contemporary setting is something we strive to incorporate.

To weave an urban fabric of any building with such aspiration, demands diversification of services. Collaborating with special agencies brings on board experienced professionals. To benchmark better design, and keep evolving as a firm while working with various personnel, and to implement humane design with cutting edge technology for the benefit of a project is an ideal we stand by.